The History of Dawson’s Art of Picture Framing

Dawson’s Framing History: When Dawson’s Framing first opened it’s doors over 20 years ago, albeit under a different name, Scott Dawson had a clear goal in mind: to be the best custom framer in Australia, if not the world. Let’s introduce you to the History of Dawson’s Art of Framing on the Gold Coast

Scott has been honing his framing skills since he was 17 years old. Through years of experience and working with some incredible clients, he has affectionately gained the title of ‘Framer to the Stars’. Whether it be the stars of Australian Art, the medal winners of the Olympics, or discerning clientele looking to have their star studded memorabilia immortalised in an incredible animated, movement activated, sound incorporating frame.


Dawson’s Framing in Ashmore on the Gold Coast has become the preferred framer for artists and clients serious about preserving and displaying their artworks, pictures, photos and memorabilia for future generations in the most professional way.

The face behind the history of Dawsons Framing. Scott Dawson: Framing art and memorabilia to discerning clients since 1995
The face behind the history of Dawsons Framing. Scott Dawson: Framing art and memorabilia to discerning clients since 1995

“Scott has travelled extensively to visit framers from across the world to ensure that Dawson’s offers our clients the best their is to offer. Not only in materials, but in creativity and precision.

One of the highlights in his career has been having Graham Reynolds on board. “When Graham joined the team in 2020, it was like have a celebrity master-craftsman come on board. The skills and value he has added are invaluable to us.” says Scott.

Another highlight was attending the International Picture Framers convention in #LasVegas and being inspired by so many new technologies, creative framing ideas and materials.

The game changing framing moments at Dawson’s for Scott have been the interactive framing project for #MichaelJackson’s stage glove as well as having #KenDuncan opening our first exhibition in studio and framing for him.” (read more about our team)

Our clients stunned reaction to his framed, star studded Michael Jackson Glove in motion.
Our clients stunned reaction to his framed, star studded Michael Jackson Glove in motion.


The History of Dawson’s Art of Framing continued:

Dawson’s Framing, originally named Compliments Picture Framing, opened their first commercial studio workshop in Molendinar. After a number of years, changing the name to Dawson’s Framing and purchasing the old premises of Bruce Scott Picture Framing in Ashmore.

Some words and insight from Scott back in 2013

At the risk of sounding controversial – I asked myself a question the other day. Is the industry and the art of being a framer slowly dying?

Just like how video killed the radio star, Instagram overtook printed pictures, written letters gave way to emails and social media updates on Facebook, and the digital world is leaving the archaic printed word for dead – are we next in that line? Or, becoming just an assembly line?

As businesses change to keep up with this revolution, so are picture framers. If we don’t keep up we will be left so far behind it will be near impossible to get ahead. You can buy a picture frame anywhere these days – all the department stores, furniture outlets, gift shops – and everyone thinks they’re a framer.

Now let me set the record straight – I don’t think it’s dying just the opposite, actually. I think it’s evolving. Sure anyone can open a framing shop and make a few rectangles, and any shop has the right to sell picture frames. Heck, there are even online videos and information that can help the average Joe buy a framing business and make picture frames.

But there’s one thing you must have and that’s passion – as well as understand the industry, stay abreast of changes, learn new techniques and try something different. It’s about quality not quantity and you won’t find quality at a department store, only something that’s mass produced. I also believe it is experienced picture framers who think outside the square that is impacting the industry in a positive way.

Yes, it’s easy to punch out your ordinary, everyday picture frame – but it’s the custom made, different ideas that will get people talking and help take the industry to the next level. That’s what we’ve been doing. We have and always will pioneer new techniques, designs and philosophes because we want people to remember our name – Compliments Picture Framing.

Of course, we still need people who will make your run-of-the-mill frames – but the question is for how long? Picture framers used to make all their own frames from scratch – moulding included.

Well, we still do and we’d be one of the very few.

Compliments Picture Framing will continue to think outside the average rectangle because we’re not taking any chances. We want to be around for a long time to come.

Taken from our first website:

A little piece of Dawsons Framing History: Scott thinking over some ideas on how to frame this movie memorabilia and art back in 2012.
A little piece of Dawsons Framing History: Scott thinking over some ideas on how to frame this movie memorabilia and art back in 2012.


Some thoughts from Dawson’s Framing clients:

…Scott’s long-term experience in the industry helps him provide great feedback as to choice of matts and frames, he is also very creative in his own right, often experimenting with new custom framing options to provide that little bit extra to his clients. Service, quality and consistency in product are their specialty, I am sure that if you use them, I know that you will be happy with the end result, including the price!…

Photographer Jaime Dormer, JP (Qual), JDP Online Pty Ltd

As a professional photographer I need my products to be the highest of quality and Compliments Picture Framing is the best I have seen and used on the Coast! They have outstanding customer service, a quick turn around time and I am always happy with the high quality in their framing!

Jade Schofield, Forever After Photography

Scott Dawson is a creative master when it comes to bespoke custom picture framing. Scott’s showroom is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Dawson’s framing is easily visible and  is accessed at 175 Currumburra Road, Ashmore. Be blown away by Scott’s creativity and unique framing skills. He makes his own frames, produces archival quality prints on archival quality cotton rag papers, delivering customers with a premium quality experience & service from beginning to end. I’m a picture framer of 10 years and Scott delivers inspiration in spades. If you want a one-off special bespoke master- piece of framing to display in your business foyer or grand entranceway of your home/ living room you need to see Scott. You should also expect to pay accordingly. Scott could sell you black or white frames like any other framer, but once you see what can be achieved with creative flair you won’t be wasting his talents on what you can buy in a bulk retail store. Why would you. Scott is a rare talent.

Dean Walker

Scott Dawson deserves his title of “Master Framer”. His advice on the frame, mount colour and width resulted in perfection, both with the framing itself and the sympathetic acknowledgement of the environment in which it was placed. I would recommend him without hesitation.
Valerie Penfold-smith

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