• Canvas Stretching

  • Float Framing

  • Custom Designs

Canvas Stretching & Float Framing

Let us help you stretch your existing canvas paintings or prints onto timber stretcher bars ready for framing. This can be done in a thin edge, standard edge or extra large. After the canvas has been stretched, we are also able to assist you in float framing the canvas. This is where we create a thin frame around the canvas that is offset by about 5mm.

Canvas Stretching

Your printed or painted canvas artwork is stretched over a special wooden frame, stapled in place on the reverse side and a hanging mechanism is put in place.

  • Insights – Preset #43

    Float Framing for Canvases.

    Once your canvas has been pre-stretched, we are now able to add a float frame. Float framing gets its name from how your artwork will appear as though it is floating within the frame.

    The frame is a thin border generally placed approximately 5mm away from the canvas. Float frames are available in a variety of finishes and materials.

Spline Corned Float Frames

This artisanal finish to the corners of your float frame add an additional element of craftsmanship to your floating frame. We insert contrasting wood details into each of the four corners of the frame.