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  • Scott Dawson

    Scott Dawson

    Owner and chief framer at Dawsons Framing, Scott has been framing for over 20 years since 1995. Scott has travelled extensively to visit framers from across the world to ensure that Dawson’s offers our clients the best there is to offer. Not only in materials, but in creativity and precision.

    One of the highlights in his career has been having Graham Reynolds on board. “When Graham joined the team in 2020, it was like have a celebrity master-craftsman come on board. The skills and value he has added are invaluable to us.” says Scott.

    Another highlight was attending the International Picture Framer’s convention in Las Vegas and being inspired by so many new technologies, creative framing ideas and materials.

    The game changing framing moments at Dawson’s for Scott have been the interactive framing project for Michael Jackson’s stage glove as well as having Ken Duncan opening our first exhibition in studio and framing for him.

  • Graham Reynolds

    Graham is master period framer. Specialising in gilded period frames, he has framed many prolific Australian Artists for Galleries across the country. His wealth of knowledge, both local and international is inspiring.

    Mr Graham Reynold’s signature ‘stern’ look has been around the Dawson’s framing studio since joining us in 2020. His expertise in museum grade framing, gilding and machine profiles is unsurpassed.

    You’d be hard-pressed to visit an Australian Art Gallery / Museum without coming across some of his handiwork.

    Graham’s claim-to-fame is his work developing signature frames for the iconic Australian Artist: Margaret Olley as well as framing works for the Queensland Art Gallery.

    Graham’s work was mentioned on an ABC Show with Phillip Bacon. He attributes his success to surrounding himself with people passionate, skilled and successful in their crafts and learning to perfect his own skills from them.

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    Jacob Duggan

    Jacob began as a framing apprentice at Dawson’s Framing in 2019, he is now our studio manager. His attention to detail and exceptional work ethic make him an irreplaceable member of the experienced team at Dawsons Picture Framing, Gold Coast.

    Jacob enjoys the challenge of working on the memorabilia frames like Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson’s interactive glove frame and horse racing champion Makaybe Diva’s race mementos.

    A career highlight at Dawson’s, so far, is reaching the milestone of being able to manage operations at the studio and workshop independently.

  • Jack Griffin

    Jack, our first year apprentice picture framer, boasts an impressive blend of artistic prowess, holding a degree in fine arts, and an extraordinary talent for crafting exquisite designs and offering impeccable framing suggestions. His mastery in the art of frame construction and artwork assembly is truly exemplary.

    The Experienced Team
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    Jasmin Ellis

    It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm welcome to the latest addition to our esteemed Dawson’s Framing Team, the talented and conscientious Jasmin Ellis. Armed with a background and degree in fine arts, Jasmin’s artistic skill is on point, and her unwavering commitment to precision and attention to detail sets her apart.

    Originating from the picturesque island of Tasmania, Jasmin embarked on a new chapter this year as she joined our team, eager to contribute her expertise in the matting and mounting department. Her artistic journey and professional growth will undoubtedly flourish in her role at Dawson’s Framing.

    In her role, Jasmin will play a pivotal part in ensuring your cherished artworks are handled with the utmost care and consideration for conservation. With a keen eye for preserving the beauty and integrity of your treasured pieces, she’ll be diligently preparing your artwork, bearing in mind the delicate intricacies of the framing process. Jasmin’s passion for the arts and dedication to her craft will shine through in every piece she handles, making her a valuable asset to our team and ensuring that your framed art is presented at its finest. We look forward to witnessing her artistic journey unfold at Dawson’s Framing.

  • Karen Boshoff

    Our branding/ design guru and also a qualified picture framer, Karen has been a part of the fine arts and design industry for 24 years. She holds a degree in fine arts, specialising in information design and a qualification in Architecture.

    Karen heads up our social media, photography and design channels, ensuring our branding and website is always on point.

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