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    • Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag
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    • Ilford Washi Torinoko
    • Ilford Galeria
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    Archival printing for your fine art specifics. Visit us in store to discuss your archival digital fine art printing needs. We have a range of expert quality Ilford gallery papers in stock.

    Our brand new professional grade fine art printer is capable of printing up to 64″ / 1600mm wide.

  • What to Look for when Choosing a Fine Art Pinter for your Works

    When selecting a fine art printing company, several crucial factors should guide your decision. Begin by scrutinizing the print quality, reviewing samples or portfolios to assess the company’s ability to produce high-quality prints. Confirm the use of archival-quality inks and acid-free, archival-grade papers for longevity and color accuracy. Pay careful attention to color accuracy, ensuring the company offers color calibration services to match your digital files precisely.

    Evaluate the range of materials and papers offered, seeking options that align with your artistic preferences and intended display environment. Confirm the company’s capacity to handle high-resolution files, preserving the intricate details of your artwork.

    Assess customization options, such as varied sizes, finishes, and framing services, and consider the company’s reputation for consistent and accurate color reproduction. Look for an experienced printing company with a strong understanding of artists’ needs. Lastly, consider the turnaround time, balancing speed and quality for timely delivery without compromising craftsmanship.

  • What can we print?

    Our printing repertoire includes the following specific areas:

    • Limited Edition Artwork prints
    • Personal Photography
    • Professional Photography
    • Printed NFT’s
    • Canvas Printing
    • Illustration Printing
    • Poster printing
    • Stretched Canvas Printshttps://dawsonsframing.com.au/contact-us/

Archival Printing for discerning artists

Prepare and print your limited edition, professional grade, archival artist’s prints for sale. Our fine print room is ready and equipped for your needs.

Let us know what your printing requirements are and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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