What does “float frame” actually mean?

A float frame is designed for an artwork that is printed or painted onto a canvas. A float frame is a type of frame made to help the art appear as though it is floating inside the picture frame without touching it. This creates an interesting visual style and a sense of three-dimensional depth in the overall display.

It is regular practice to include a small gap of approximately 5mm, between the edge of the canvas and the floating frame.

This exposes and accentuates the edges of the painting, as it wraps its way around the sides of the stretched canvas.

This is particularly important if the artist has painted their artwork in such a way that the image continues to wrap itself around the sides. By having that small gap between the frame and canvas, it means that none of this detail will be lost.

The end result is that your canvas painting will appear as if it’s hovering inside the frame, a floating frame.

What materials are our float frames made of?

“There is a definitive character in Ash that is very much modern Australia. Our connection with nature and the outdoors has driven our love affair with natural materials and simple styling.

STYLING: Vibrant yet simple grain patterns, Scandi with Aussie attitude, Modern Australian, Minimalist
FINISH: Natural wood stained and waxed

Visible Width 10mm
Item Depth 55mm

12oz Ultra Smooth Titanium White Poly Cotton Canvas, the ultra smooth surface is triple primed with titanium white acrylic gesso, creating a premium painting surface. Poly Cotton stays extremely taut when stretched and has been designed with the professional artist in mind. White Gesso – 3 Coats

Why are canvases sold in sets of two?

Our ready made floating canvas frame sets are sold in sets of two in order to protect them during shipping. Canvases are packed face to face, which protects the canvas surface and frame from knocks or impacts that may otherwise cause damage.