Custom Picture Framing – It’s the Premium Choice

Custom Picture Framing – It’s the Premium Choice

Custom Picture Framing: It’s the premium Choice. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know how much I love building custom picture frames. It just gets the creative juices flowing and I enjoy pushing the boundaries of  creating something more than “just another rectangle”.

Whether you are the proud new owner of a piece of prestige art, a beautiful family photograph, a classic poster, a piece of needlework or memorabilia, or your child’s latest masterpiece, you should frame it and display it proudly in your home or office. While there are many fast and convenient options for purchasing a generic frame for your art, the benefits of custom picture framing cannot be understated.

Scott Dawson at work in the picture framing workshop in Ashmore on the Gold Coast. Custom picture framing – It’s the premium choice
Scott Dawson at work in the picture framing workshop in Ashmore on the Gold Coast


There are a number of reasons why calling in the professionals (like us!) to mount and frame your piece is highly recommended.

Framing is undertaken with two main goals in mind: To ensure the piece is presented in its best light and to provide protection to the piece.

Custom picture framing involves a professional picture framer creating a frame designed specifically for your art, and how it will fit into your space. Every piece of art, whatever its nature, will be enhanced by the right framing aesthetic; get it wrong, and a spectacular picture can look, at best, ordinary; at worst, awful.

A professional will work in consultation with you, offering advice to ensure every piece of art looks amazing. Some considerations include where the art is to be located; the decor of the room it is to occupy; the frame medium and how it enhances the individual piece; the size and colour of the mat used to draw the eye and enhance the piece; and whether there are existing artworks in the space, and how they can be complimentary to each other.

When all decisions have been made regarding all aspects of the desired result, the artwork is left with the professional framer and a custom frame is created specifically around that piece. In a timely manner, the completed, framed piece is ready for collection or delivery and to be hung in its chosen location.

Professionals bring an experienced and innovative eye to the practice of presenting pictures in their best light. The benefits of having a picture framed professionally, rather than buying a generic frame, are many. They include:

  • Quality: A professionally  customised frame will always be of higher quality than those ready-made items available
  • Experience: Professional framers have years of experience framing in all mediums, and have innovative ideas and suggestions for design, style, sizing and proportion
  • Protection: A quality piece requires protection afforded by UV protected glass, acid-free matting, and premium assembly to last a lifetime
  • Range: A plethora of framing styles and mediums to select from

Whatever your piece, wherever you wish to locate your picture, whatever your budget, and whether you wish to frame it in wood, metal or synthetic materials from rustic to classic to contemporary – a custom-made picture frame is your best option to ensure the longevity and optimum enhancement of your art for years to come.

A bespoke creation is our speciality. We get great satisfaction out of our creations and our customers are always delighted.

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– Scott Dawson, Dawsons Framing, Gold Coast

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