Caring for your Picture Frames

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The Dawson’s Framing Top tips for Caring for your Picture Frames and ensuring your Artworks stay safe, bright and in the best condition. Did you know that simple positioning and handling errors can shorten the lifespan and quality of your prized artworks? Here are best practice recommendations when caring for your newly framed artworks.

Dawsons Picture Framing on the Gold Coast give their top tips on caring for your artwork.

  • Always be aware of where you hang your art.
  • Professionally framed artworks and pictures will use D-Rings, Hanging wires and finishes that will not damage your walls and will also allow for breathing space behind the work that prevents moisture and/or mould build up.
Dawsons Picture Framing D-RINGs and correct hanging materials and procedure

Incorrect or sloppy picture hanging methods and materials can cause more damage to your artwork and walls. Rusty hooks, worn out cords and jumbled wires can cause damage to your walls, can cause your works to fall from the walls or injury to your hands. At Dawson’s Framing we apply a brown, kraft tape liner to finish the edges of the back of each frame. There after, we apply soft felt “bump-ons”, these small spacers ensure no damage to your walls as well as providing a space behind the artwork allowing air to flow behind the work preventing moisture or mould build up. Lastly we measure up to drill round edged D-rings and screws into the correct position for hanging, using a plastic coasted picture hanging wire to prevent rust and wall damage.

  • Do not hang your art in direct sunlight. This may cause irreversible damage to the print, photos or paint medium such as permanent fading, humidity, colour bleaching, cracking.
Sun damaged matboard being replaced at Dawson's Picture Framers Gold Coast

This matboard (from an artwork recently brought in by a client for reframing) has been heavily discoloured by exposure to sunlight. This damage can be averted through the correct positioning of the artwork in the home and also by using the correct UV museum grade filtering glass

  • Do not to hang your art directly in front of or too close to an air conditioner. This can cause condensation to form inside the glass of frame resulting in mould and damage to artwork.
  • Use suitable hanging devices. It is essential that the cable, hooks, D-rings and installation of your artwork are done with care. Weight considerations, type of walling and positioning will all play an important part in this process. If you are uncomfortable hanging your artwork we have a professional hanging service to assist you.
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean your framed artwork.


Caring for your Picture Frames. Continued…

Care tips for your new picture framed artwork and memories.

Dust with a soft cloth or feather duster. Don’t use abrasive detergents. Do not place your artworks directly under an air conditioner.

  • Regular dusting is advised with a light cleaning tool such as a feather duster. Avoid wiping the frame as over time this can cause the finish to breakdown on some of our hand-crafted and special finish frames.
  • Be aware that conditions in the family home such as humidity and temperature are constantly changing, and overtime this can have a negative impact on your artwork.
  • To ensure your artwork is safe we advise that you take the artwork to your local Dawsons Framing store for a free conditions check every seven years. Failure to do so may cause your warranty to be voided.

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