Why Choose Dawsons Picture Framing Gold Coast?

Why Choose Dawsons Picture Framing Gold Coast?

When selecting a picture framer for your artwork, family heirloom, certificate, or memorabilia, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate the available options. If you prioritize cost-effectiveness, speed, convenience, and affordability, consider exploring local picture frame suppliers like Spotlight, KMart, Office Works, or similar interior-focused stores. These suppliers often utilize mass-produced frames with economical materials, enabling them to offer budget-friendly prices, and you can easily assemble the frames yourself.

At Dawson’s Framing, our focus caters to discerning clients who value craftsmanship, skill, expertise, and an ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of knowledge in the picture framing industry. The most exceptional picture framers possess a blend of skills, knowledge, and qualities that collectively contribute to their success in this specialized field.

Jasmin Ellis Dawsons Framing
Jasmin Ellis Dawsons Framing

So, Why Choose Dawsons Picture Framing Gold Coast? We work tirelessly to be one of the world’s best picture framers from our stock frames to our handcrafted masterpieces.

Here are some key qualities that make a great picture framer:

  1. Attention to Detail: Picture framing requires precision and attention to detail. All our framers are taught to pay close attention to measurements, alignment, and overall craftsmanship to ensure the final product meets high standards.
  2. Creativity: Framing is not just about technical skills; it’s also an art form. Creative framers can suggest unique and aesthetically pleasing framing options that enhance the visual appeal of the artwork or photograph. Did you know, that of the all staff at Dawsons Framing on the Gold Coast 5 of 7 framers have formal degrees or qualifications in the creative arts fields, from Fine Arts, to Graphic Design, to Architecture.
  3. Knowledge of Materials: Our skilled framers understand the characteristics and properties of different framing materials, such as various types of wood, glass, matting, and mounting boards. This knowledge helps us make informed decisions based on the specific needs of each piece. We have a heavy focus on using materials with CONSERVATION properties.
  4. Customer Service: Excellent customer service skills are crucial in any business, including picture framing. Effective communication, the ability to understand a customer’s preferences, and the willingness to address any concerns contribute to a positive customer experience.
  5. Problem-Solving Skills: Picture framing often involves solving challenges, such as choosing the right materials for preservation or addressing issues with irregularly shaped or damaged artwork. This comes into play, particularly when we frame complex memorabilia items. Our Gold Coast Dawsons team is resourceful and can find solutions to unexpected problems.
  6. Patience: Picture framing requires patience, especially when working on intricate or delicate pieces. Patience is key to achieving precise and high-quality results.
  7. Organization: Framers often handle multiple projects simultaneously. Being well-organized helps them keep track of materials, orders, and deadlines, ensuring a smooth workflow. We have our own workflow procedures and ‘engine room’ processes that ensure, to the best of our controllable measures, your work is completed correctly and on time.
  8. Technical Proficiency: Every framer at Dawsons is formally trained inhouse and monitored through a Regional Trade Asessor and mentor. A solid understanding of the technical aspects of framing, including cutting mats, joining frames, and assembling the final product, is essential for producing professional-quality work.
  9. Knowledge of Art and Design: Familiarity with art history, design principles, and different artistic styles allows framers to make informed decisions when suggesting framing options that complement the artwork.
  10. Continuous Learning: The framing industry evolves, with new materials and techniques emerging. The best framers stay updated on industry trends, attend workshops, and seek opportunities for continuous learning to enhance their skills and knowledge.


Kack Griffin Dawsons Framing
Jack Griffin Dawsons Framing

By combining these qualities, a picture framer can provide customers with not only a well-protected and preserved artwork but also a visually appealing presentation that enhances the overall impact of the piece.

Large Format Archival Printing Gold Coast
Karen inspects the workflow from the Engine Room at Dawsons Large Format Archival Printing Gold Coast


Why is picture framing so expensive? Our team is qualified and experience in unique framing and preservation techniques. Measuring up a 1960's newspaper print for picture framing in Ashmore on the Gold Coast
Why is picture framing so expensive? Our team is qualified and experience in unique framing and preservation techniques. Measuring up a 1960’s newspaper print for picture framing in Ashmore on the Gold Coast

We hope this gives you some insight into why to choose Dawsons Picture Framing Gold Coast? If you’re after more than just a quick, self-assembly framing job put together with cheap materials… the Dawsons is your framer of choice.

Jacob Duggan - Manager at Dawsons Framing
Jacob Duggan – Manager at Dawsons Framing

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