Framed TSS (The Southport School) Blazer

Framed TSS School Blazer: Maroon and Navy Framed Formal Sports Jacket Shirt with a Mahogany Gold Trimmed Frame.

Framing sports jackets, blazers, shirts or any clothing item is common practice at a Picture Framing shop. There are a few reasons why some clients choose to immortalise their clothing memorabilia:

  1. Sentimental value: Some people may frame sports jackets that hold sentimental value, such as a jacket worn during a significant sports event or a special moment in their life. By framing it, they can preserve and display it as a cherished memory or keepsake.
  2. Memorabilia: Sports jackets worn by famous athletes or from iconic sports events can be valuable memorabilia. Framing such jackets can enhance their presentation and protect them from damage, making them more suitable for display in homes, sports museums, or collectors’ exhibitions.
  3. Decorative purposes: Framing a sports jacket can serve as a unique and visually appealing piece of decor. For sports enthusiasts or fans of a particular team, it can be a way to show their passion and add a personal touch to their living space.
  4. Preserving historical items: Some sports organizations or institutions might frame jackets to preserve them as historical artifacts. This could be part of documenting the history of a team, event, or athlete for future generations.

It’s essential to note that framing a jacket typically involves placing it in a protective frame behind glass or acrylic to shield it from dust, light, and other potential damage. If you’re considering framing a sports jacket for any reason, make sure to consult with a professional framer to ensure it’s done correctly and won’t cause harm to the jacket.

Framed TSS School Blazer

Framed TSS (The Southport School) Blazer with a photo of an old boys rugby team
Framed TSS (The Southport School) Blazer with a photo of an old boys rugby team